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Dr Tom Luttrell PhD Marriage Family Therapist Counselor Coach

Life & Relationship Coaching

Check out the different ways below I would love to work with you

Business Consulting

If you are looking to be a confident and competent leader, leadership consulting provides personalized guidance, feedback, strategies and tools to enhance your leadership skills, enabling you to inspire your team and drive organizational success. 

Individual & Relationship Therapy

Whether you're facing a personal crisis a marriage crisis or a family crisis, I provide therapy for both individuals and couples. For individuals, I help promote emotional health and authentic behavior. For couples or families, I can help you resolve obstacles to a happy relationship through marriage and family therapy, pre-marriage counseling, or sex therapy, and get you back on track.


I offer professional supervision for students and for graduate marriage and family therapy associates who are seeing clients. There is a fee that may be split as a group. Please contact me to discuss the fee.

Team or Group Coaching & Workshops

If your personality--and budget--fits learning in a group setting, I offer a variety of coaching groups and workshops to provide you with the support and guidance you need. Send us a message to inquire whether the group you are seeking is currently being offered.

Public Speaking & Teaching

With a strong teaching background,

I can teach courses or lead workshops in marriage and family, coaching, and general psychology in educational, community, and religious settings.


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