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Challenges that Congregations Face

There are various challenges or problems that can prevent a church from growing, including:

  • Lack of clear vision and strategic planning for growth.

  • Unresolved internal conflicts or division within the church.

  • Ineffective communication channels or breakdowns in communication between leadership and members.

  • Inadequate leadership development and succession planning.

  • Resistance to change or innovation and reluctance to embrace new approaches and ideas, leading to stagnation or an inability to adapt to evolving needs.

  • Limited resources or financial constraints that hinder growth initiatives.

  • Failure to prioritize community outreach and insufficient engagement and relevance to the needs of the target audience in the wider community.

  • Inconsistent or unappealing worship experiences or programming.

  • Inadequate volunteer engagement and empowerment.

  • A disconnect between the church's mission, stated values, and the actual practices.

  • A culture of exclusivity or lack of inclusivity or a judgmental atmosphere that alienates certain individuals or groups and hinders the church's ability to connect with a broader audience.

  • An unhealthy power dynamic or leadership structure that discourages participation and input from members.

  • Lack of transparency, accountability, or integrity in decision-making processes.

  • Insufficient focus on spiritual growth and discipleship.

It's important to note that each church's culture is unique, and the specific challenges and problems may vary. Addressing these issues often requires intentional efforts to promote healthy communication, foster inclusivity, develop leadership, and create a culture that aligns with the church's mission and values.

Many church leaders and members love their churches, and yet long for it to do more. As they look out at the masses of unreached people in their communities, they sense that there is still much that needs to be done in the fulfilment of Christ’s Great Commission. And whether they feel they are a one-talent, two-talent, or five-talent church (Matthew 25:14-30), there is a sense of untapped potential and a longing to multiply the resources God has blessed their church with.

They long to make a connection between the Great Commission and their resources, but are not sure how to go about doing so and where to begin.

The goal of church consulting is to help make that connection.

How Coaches Help Churches

Coaches can play a significant role in helping churches grow and foster a healthy environment. Here are some ways coaches can contribute:

  • Assist in strategic planning and goal-setting to identify the vision, mission, and objectives of the church.

  • Support leadership development, helping pastors and church leaders enhance their skills and effectiveness.

  • Provide guidance in improving communication, conflict resolution, and collaboration among church staff and volunteers.

  • Help identify and address barriers to growth, such as outdated processes, lack of community engagement, or ineffective outreach strategies.

  • Offer training and resources to enhance the church's impact on its members and the wider community.

  • Facilitate discussions and interventions to foster a healthy church culture, focusing on values, inclusivity, and spiritual growth.

  • Assist in assessing and optimizing systems and structures within the church to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Provide support and guidance during times of transition, change, or crisis within the church.

  • Encourage and facilitate a culture of accountability, learning, and continuous improvement.

We invite you to discover the power of faith and community, exploring the intersection of culture and church, and the significant role of churches in society.

About Our Services

The goal of Higher Change consulting (“Relationalysis”) is to collaborate with you in making a positive difference in the world around us. Drawing upon advanced training and experience with relationships, groups, and congregations, we have created a comprehensive process to help churches discover their unique purpose in fulfilling the Great Commission, and how they can maximize their potential in fulfilling it. In our application of the process, we were able to grow a church 150% in one year after implementation. There are three main phases:

  1. Collaborating with leaders in developing a strategic plan based on research and analysis.

  2. Launching small groups for whole-person discipleship.

  3. Empowering emerging leaders.

Tom Luttrell 2023-38-Final.jpg

Our service is designed to fit into your overall strategic planning process. Our team of experts has advanced training and experience with relationships, groups, and organizational systems, and in particular, congregations and non-profits. We can help you to:

  • Clarify your goals and ideal future.

  • Identify and tap into your strengths and resources.

  • Discover ways to engage your members and enhance your organization’s performance.


"Dr. Luttrell is very professional. He strives to obtain the most helpful resources for clients and keep up to date on relevant approaches to aid clients in their therapy journey. He is friendly and approachable and highly empathic."
- Vanessa Q. (former colleague)

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