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What is Pre-Engagement or Pre-Marital Counseling?

Premarital counseling typically covers a range of topics to help couples prepare for marriage and establish a strong foundation for their future together. Some common areas addressed in premarital counseling include communication skills, conflict resolution, understanding and managing expectations, exploring values, beliefs, and goals, developing shared vision and plans for the future, exploring roles and responsibilities, discussing family dynamics, and enhancing emotional intimacy. Premarital counseling aims to provide couples with tools, knowledge, and insights to navigate the challenges of marriage and foster a healthy and fulfilling partnership.

I can help you in your relationship to:

a. Diagnose problems that derail or prevent a couple from moving forward.

b. Discuss fears and how you are connected to our past and family of origin.

c. Negotiate solutions for problems, creating a new family culture if necessary.

d. Know more about each other’s desires, needs, and expectations.

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